What we do

We curate globally-awarded creatives specifically suited to answer your brand challenge.

Virtual Creative Studio.

Access to a purpose-built, always-on team. A global selection of creatives specifically chosen for your brand, that can be plugged in and out of your organisation, as required.

Netflix Global Brand Campaign

Mash Up

30 Mashers. 
15 Countries.

Project Teams.

A carefully curated team of creatives, selected to solve a specific brand challenge. Project-to-project, location agnostic and a focus of combining the right skill sets with the right mindsets.

Breitling Asia Brand Campaign

Mash Up

Luxury Brand Specialist, Lindsay (SNG)
Strategy Director, Praveen (NYC)
Creative Director, Royce (MEL)
Art Director, Anna (MEL)
Stylist & Production Manager, Andrea (MY)

Creative Sprints.

Work at the speed of Mash. 2-3 Mashers. 120 minutes of live ideating. A portfolio of fresh, actionable ideas to drive results for your brand.

Saison Vermouth Creative Sprint

Mash Up

Art Director, Mark (Mel)
Copywriter, Royce (Mel)
Activations Specialist, Rich (BKK)

Creative Placements.

Understanding your culture, ethos and brand, one handpicked Masher is integrated as part of your team. With contract terms that vary from weeks to months, they’ll not only bring a fresh perspective but also an unparalleled ability to expand your team, geography and cultural insights – without adding office space.

Bonza PR Launch

Mash Up

PR Strategist, Heather (QLD)

It’s not who we have, it’s who you need.





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