Meet the Masher: Leah

Over a bottle of wine one night in Sydney, Masher Leah and her husband made the decision to quit their jobs and move to Bali. Two years later and this former Creative Lead at the Sydney Opera House is loving the sweet freelance life. Leah fills us in on the highs and lows she’s experienced along the way and her secret to work-life balance…

How did you come to live and work in Bali?

It was over a bottle of wine, my husband and I decided to quit our jobs and take some time out. We wanted sunshine + beach + no stress = Bali. But there was never any plan. We thought we’d last maybe 3-6 months tops! Two years later we are loving being our own “boss” and running our businesses. 

Do you find any challenges with working remotely? 

Aside from Bali internet…. Working remotely from home has its definite perks (hello midday naps), but the whole rolling out of bed and straight into the “office” definitely blurs that already blurry line between work and life. It can be hard when everyone around you is enjoying cocktails and I’m inside, working away on a deadline. There are times when I’ve been so deep in a project, I forget I live in paradise!

If so, how do you combat them?

I have in no way found that magical formula for work life balance but I find reminding myself to get out of the house each day really helps. Even if it’s just to go for a bike ride to get an ice cream (actually, I find that very effective at getting me away from my work). So ice cream. Ice cream is the secret to work life balance. 

How do you find running your own gig but also being on the tools, and what have been your biggest learnings with this?

I’ve really enjoyed learning more about the business side of things but I’m definitely not a numbers person. Thankfully there’s an app for basically anything, so automating all the shitty stuff and leaving me time for the good stuff has been a big game changer for me. 

Three words that summarise freelancing for you?

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