Meet the Masher: Kashi

“I have hopes that the minimum we will expect from ourselves in society is that we will ALL be engaged on the daily in building a future we want.”

A creative direction force powered by activism. Kashi takes our core value of empowerment to the next level, giving a voice to important issues by aligning with purpose-led brands and people.

She lists the likes of Coachella, The Met Gala, Instagram, Google, Nike and even Barack Obama (you read that right) as partners in more recent projects, and personally works on daily actions for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

So, we wanted to know more. 

Creating damn great work. And giving a damn. We’re connecting brands to talented people who stand for a why…and aren’t afraid to make a fucking noise.

Kashi, tell us how you helped empower a huge group of people into their activism; not only to protest for the BLM Movement, but to vote, write letters, educate themselves, stay safe and stay positive?

I’ve always had a personal passion and calling for social action; in product and fashion I carried the weight of the effects of the plastic craze on the environment, in brands, advertising agency’s or in any business, there is always a chance to consider impact, contribution to society and where marketing a brand, project or product can help people with a connection to deeper human values and social care. 

Across the two decades of my super varied career, I have constantly carried the pressure to engage with taking complex social ideas, simplifying them down and using creativity & communications to spit them out to the masses.

Activism is really just social engagement in areas we each think are important – for ourselves, those we relate to or those we have resources to amplify (perhaps people or projects that need support, coverage or facilitation)… 

And I have to truly believe that people are innately good, want to connect more, make things better for us all – but maybe just don’t know HOW! 

I’m personally interested in pulling out this good, digging up conversations, learning and action around wealth and race inequality, the environment and personal social engagement for the everyday person, as a big priority. 

Each of us have those things we care about, and ultimately once we engage and learn some tools to apply – we can all be plugged in to working for a better world, in whatever areas these are.

In the last years I’ve really made it my mission to focus on how we can engage social action in all outputs – whether facilitating brands or in my personal work – and working to share tools, resources and working with people to gather the tools, that will help them personally fight for the things they care about.

Social media has made it more accessible to share information and gather like minded people – to consider their values, take action and engage in their meaningful fight. 

With COVID-19 so wild across the world, the rise of fighting for Black Lives and Indigenous power, deeper calls to understand government workings and how f’d up they really can be – the resources out there are fast and furious.

Especially in 2020, I focused on utilising all my history in creative, marketing, content creation and strategy for finding and connecting with the people that WANT to engage, but perhaps feel nervous, under or mis educated, lost or need to understand more. 

I made deep commitments to work on learning myself, and then creating content, working with mutual aid orgs, pulling in those around me and those who might just be sharing something I’d made. 

In this work, it was about really applying some of those “brand skills” to radicalising the everyday person more – having them get comfortable with calling a Government Representative by giving them scripts or bringing together residents of one suburb to write 2,300 letters fighting for Racial Justice in one day, providing mask patterns & fabric for sewing groups to include masks in foodbank handouts, inspiring them to make protest signs if they weren’t initially down to walk the streets or celebrating, redistributing my personal wealth & sharing content by Black and POC creators whose voices only need amplifying, as they are the voices we are here to listen & learn from.

I guess to answer… I work hard on my own learning, exposure and understanding of complex systems that need social change, in an effort to share (in life and on socials) for others to use. This, with the goal of having people follow this ideal in & about themselves, to feel empowered to step into what they think activism is.

We call it Activism, which I often reserve for those incredible people who truly dedicate their lives to fighting for change. I have hopes that the minimum we will expect from ourselves in society is that we will ALL be engaged on the daily in building a future we want; being an active person in our community near and far.

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