Meet the Masher: Ella’s F**k It Moments

You can trust this sassy lass to says it as it is. With over 10 years experience in public relations, marketing and communications strategy, Ella decided to take the leap and quit her job at the award-winning and long-standing music institution Mushroom Group and start her own communications consultant. Here’s her two cents on facing fears and saying, f**k it.

Going it alone can be a fearful concept in any scenario. A relationship. A trip. A business. But it’s what drove me to break away from working for a company to launch my own communications business hum hum. Fear of burning out due to an excruciating workload and the pressure I put myself under to perform. Fear of getting older and wishing I’d have given it a go. Fear of failure that it wouldn’t work. Fear of never creating something for myself that I’m proud of.

I’ve had a couple of what I’ve termed “F*ck-It Moments” across the process. The first was handing in my resignation. I got to a point so low I could not for the absolute life of me crawl out of the dark hole I’d thrown myself into. The only solution was to make a drastic change.

“F*ck-It Moment” number two came after sitting on my hands for enough time to make myself sick with anxiety about where my next paycheck was coming from, I decided I needed to officially “launch” myself into the gig economy ether and went live with my website and social media.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t love self promotion (which I’m sure will surprise my mother) and I don’t really have a mind for business. The hardest thing I’ve discovered so far is how to figure out what my worth is. You don’t want to seem overpriced but you don’t want to short-change yourself either. I am definitely up for advice on this so please slide into my DM’s if you care to share your knowledge!

Mere weeks into launching I most certainly have not escaped these fears – particularly the one about failure! But I have a different lease on life since making the leap that I am leaning right into. I HATE failing, I HATE being wrong and I thrive on being outstanding at what I do. So I absolutely will not allow myself to fail for the sake of my own skin and for the future of what I hope I can achieve. And I know there are plenty more “F*ck-It Moments” to come.

Life is short – do the thing!

Ella Petite
MASHer since October 2019

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