Adweek: Netflix Premieres an Alien Watch Party at the Olympics

Netflix Premieres an Alien Watch Party at the Olympics

‘The World Is On Netflix,’ debuting during the opening ceremony, is streamer’s second global brand campaign

By Kelsey Sutton
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If most major media companies are to be believed, streaming video is the future of global entertainment—and Netflix says that goes for outside of Earth as well.

In a global brand campaign officially debuting today during the Olympics opening ceremony, the streaming giant says that even extraterrestrial life are fans of their streaming service, which has programming options highlighting all facets of the human existence.  

The intergalactic ad airing today features a motley crew of wide-eyed animated aliens who, through a reception of videos from earth, experience what human life on earth is like through Netflix originals like Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit and My Octopus Teacher.

The alien watch party ends with a simple message on the screen: the world’s stories are all on Netflix.

The campaign, called “The World Is On Netflix,” will be broadcast in more than a dozen countries and regions, including Argentina, Brazil, Benelux (which includes Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S.

The spot was directed by RSA films’ Robert Stromberg, the director of Maleficent and the visual effects designer for TV series like Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation and films like Avatar. (He’s also directed ads for Intel, Mercedes and GE, among others.) The Mill served as the spot’s production studio, Storefront Music provided music production and Squeak E Clean Studios was the audio house. MASH served as creative partner, Typeji provided typography and Deep Local was the experiential agency.

It’s the first time Netflix has debuted a brand campaign during a major global moment, and only its second global brand campaign in less than a year’s time. Last September, the company rolled out its “One Story Away” campaign to highlight Netflix originals including The Witcher, Unorthodox and Tiger King that bring viewers closer to understanding different worlds, perspectives and people.

This second brand campaign debuting today is thematically similar, focusing on how the streamer can bring humans—and other lifeforms—together.  

Netflix has been teeing up the spot all week, beginning with a teaser video posted Wednesday showing an alien silhouette looking at Earth. This week, the streamer also pulled a stunt at Area 51, the classified U.S. Air Force facility in Nevada that is often associated with UFOs and other extraterrestrial phenomenon. The stunt, which Netflix filmed and released Thursday, included translating and streaming five trailers for Netflix originals like Lupin into the Keplar-160 system, which was recently discovered to likely have Earth-like planets.

An astrophysicist affiliated with Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) acted as a consultant to the project, which also included the erection of five billboards promoting Netflix originals, each 105 yards tall and 50 yards wide.

The campaign is rolling out three days after Netflix said it ended the second quarter with 209 million global subscribers amid a slowdown in growth. The streamer is looking internationally for more growth opportunities and for the chance to translate local-language programming into global hits.



4 weeks.
31 MASHers.
15 countries.
6 continents.
10 languages.

Our biggest MASH Up yet.

It’s been a wild few months at MASH. In April Netflix called on us to help develop a new global brand campaign highlighting the power of storytelling on Netflix. They had an idea, and they needed a flexible, authentic, and truly global team to help craft the visual storytelling and narrative in a way that would resonate with people all over the world.

Our solution: curate and lead a bespoke International Writers Room, at lightning speed.

The MASH Up supported Netflix’s in-house brand and creative teams with character development and script exploration—bringing the most compelling details to the story, imagined by creatives across the world writing in 10 different languages. From there, Netflix’s brand team and Oscar winning director Robert Stromberg brought the vision to life. The spot is out now, broadcasting over the next two weeks to the US, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Benelux, South Africa, Japan and South Korea.

The opportunity to flex the agile and efficient MASH model with one of the world’s most transformative and fast moving brands has been truly epic. And one hell of a story to tell.

Royce Akers – Creative Director
Rich Akers – MASH Manager
John Pace, HOOVES – Associate Creative Director
HOOVES – Lead Scriptwriting

Nia Martinez (Argentina)
Pedro Paulo Mesquita (Brazil)
Vincent Behaeghel (France)
Stéphanie Soulié de Morant (France)
Florian Kähle (Germany)
Alessandro Omini (Italy)
Yuka Annen (Japan)
Cutters Studio (Japan)
Ana Mancera (Mexico)
Joseph Mustri (Mexico)
Erik Rolf (Netherlands)
Nimi Pretorius (South Africa)
Jake Kim (South Korea)
Henrik Düfke (Sweden)
Robert Phillips (UK)
Jake Kim (South Korea)

Dan Telfer (US)
Beth Dover (US)
Lawrence Leung (Australia)

Ricardo Bisignano (Argentina)
David Azencot (France)
Suda Yasunari (Japan)
Alex Marin y Kall (Mexico)
Marco Sergio Gabriel (Germany)
Bevan Cullinan (South Africa)
Richard Hallberg (Sweden)
Ben Tucker (UK)

Tash Menon – Managing Director & Founder 
Sarah Churchlow – Director, Operations & Commercial 
Damien Miller – General Manager
Ben Wilson – Community & Partnerships Manager 
Amy Williams – Head of Brand & Production 

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