Our Promise

To our MASHers:

  • No bidding to win projects
  • Transparency of costs
  • Clear and consistent timelines for all projects
  • Concise briefs with clearly defined deliverables and KPI’s
  • Maintaining flexibility and control of the projects you take
  • Belonging to a global network and community
  • Frictionless payment and consistent business support

To our Partners:

  • Curation of bespoke creative teams based on category, subject matter and/or challenge – plugged in and out as required
  • Pay only for what you need, at the time it’s being utilised
  • Working with you to understand your goals and identify opportunities
  • Access to one key point of contact at MASH – who manages the MASH-Up team
  • Working as part of your team allowing for quick and efficient decision making
  • Quality control of all creative outputs to ensure alignment with your brand and business objectives

Three servings of MASH

Our MASHers covers the entire gamut of the creative process, delivering three different ways we can engage with our partners.

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