The Guts Of It: Fiona Macintyre

Great people are summed up by their guts. By their risks, pivots, and sheer fake-it-til-you-make-it times of bravado in the face of doubt. These are our kind of people.

So we’d like you to meet some of them. ‘The Guts Of It’- a series of stories from the boldest in the business – people who have backed, supported and opened doors throughout our journey. Kicking off with Fiona Macintyre who has supported us from day dot…

“I chose to risk losing everything, to find myself and my freedom again.”

From a leisure trip to Necker Island (Sir Richard Branson’s hideaway in the British Virgin Islands) that she describes as completely transformative, to organising life-changing events there for a group of purpose driven c-suite execs. Fiona didn’t fall into this story. This was a leap of faith to leave behind everything she knew (in both a personal and business sense) to create and grow Forming Impact

Her now global community of entrepreneurs, investors, creatives and leaders and are brought together at events and retreats Fiona curates. We’re talking castles in Scotland to reserves in Indonesia- and of course their flagship Necker Island. Sharing ideas, knowledge and their ‘why’- these experiences are catalysts of social change. 

She says collaboration is the new era. And she’s got the guts to make that happen…

“2020 changed everything. But I decided I would make things happen against all odds.”

For a group so pioneered by in-person gatherings, the shift to staying connected virtually was one Fiona had to embrace. She says compassion, innovation and ambition are the non-verbal communication that get everyone speaking the same language- so as these continued, she worked behind the scenes to ensure that so long as health and safety rules would permit, she would take any monetary and logistical cost to bring the group together again. 

“I took off the invisible comfort blanket that I had been wearing since working from home.”

Fiona threw all of her energy into making a safe event happen, and brought the group back together in March 2021 on Necker Island (it had to be). 

“What was at risk? Everything. Navigating a safe plan during a pandemic, and still creating something powerful for our community made every decision heavy.”

But for her, the biggest risk she felt was not going ahead. As someone who whole-heartedly commits to a goal, this was no different.

So, how did it feel? 


Raw, vulnerable, inspiring. Fiona isn’t afraid to show guts. 

And guts get glory.


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