The Guts of It: Alvin Soon

Thrilled to be once again working with the team from Breitling Asia, building on the success of the campaign Chosen, Not Given.

What better time for the second installment of ‘The Guts Of It’- our series of stories from the boldest in the business. Like Alvin Soon, president of Breitling Asia, and owner of a brand vision undeterred by uncertainty…

What does bravery look like in today’s marketing?

From my personal view, it is really the courage for any brand to take a new direction into the unchartered water in this current volatile market conditions. The older way of working or engaging the consumers start to get obsolete very fast in our environment now and yet the new ways are not proven success for heavy investment but essential to activate in order to continue to reach out your brand target audience.    

Can you tell us about a particular ‘f**k it’ moment where you took a risk? 

I must say it has to be our new open concept Breitling boutique in Siam Paragon that was opened during the pandemic. Everyone must be thinking, we are crazy as most brands are moving to E-store but why do Breitling open a physical boutique especially in a super prime location like Siam Paragon. To us, the reason is simple, as we believe the future is Online to Offline and vice versa as the consumer journey has become very grey where we need to engage them across all channels. We are also placing a big bet that after the pandemic, physical experience will remain absolutely vital to wow our customers and to bring a total brand experience to them.    

As brand leader, how do you encourage your team to embrace this way of thinking?

Lead by examples and empower them! My management style is very straightforward, I believe that only by empowerment, you will get to see that the true creativity of your team. They must not be afraid to make mistake but of course with some clear guidance in order for them to take calculate risk in whatever they do. Also, we like to make decision as a Squad so that whatever the consequence or outcome regardless positive or negative, the glory or pressure is not just on 1 individual but the entire team.

What are you most excited about in the marketing space for luxury products in SEA right now?

There are a lot of “force” creativity been built in current pandemic situation where a lot of luxury brands start to do things differently especially in area where we see strong “Joint Value Creation”. Brands used to protect their own customer database like a scared temple but now we see more collaboration than ever to cross optimize database for events and partnership which had opened up so much more marketing opportunities and new ways of activations. Also, with all the on-going lock downs and restrictions, creative digital campaigns are arising globally where augmented reality has been a strong focus or tools to be used both online and offline where opens new ways to engage our target audience. 

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