“Mums are dropping out of advertising agencies.” Meet the Masher: Lisha

“We’re in the midst of a ‘She-cession’- this is more relevant than ever.”

70 percent of mothers with children under 18 participate in the labor force, but in advertising, only 39 percent of women have kids. Brand Strategist and (we’re proud to call her) MASHer, Lisha, is giving mothers in advertising a voice. A brand strategist, creative thinker and culture hacker, she’s gotten to know the industry well over the last 15 years. And she knows that support is needed to stop these women dropping out of a world that needs their skills.

She’s worked with big brands (including ASOS, Nivea and BuzzFeed), and now with Creative Director Natalie Rose they are making a big noise about a big issue.

This is creativity with purpose. Raising Two Fifths – you need to know about it…

“Mums are dropping out of advertising agencies. 

It’s an industry infamous for long hours, tight deadlines and cut-throat attitudes. Couple that with limited flexibility and understanding, and the typical agency culture doesn’t offer a very supportive working environment for mothers. 

The pandemic too has disproportionately impacted working mothers. It’s being called the ‘She-cession’, as 1 in 3 mothers have considered leaving the workforce or scaling back their careers because of the pandemic.

One of my favourite quotes comes from Cindy Gallop: “Mothers are the ultimate multi-taskers. They’re masters of human psychology because they’re experts at getting little people to do things they don’t want to do. They’re the best possible hires for advertising.” 

We want the advertising industry to realise this. So we created Raising Two Fifths. 

Through Raising Two Fifths, Natalie and I will bring together a group of executive-level mothers in advertising to serve as an advisory board, and offer support to female talent with children. We’ll educate agencies on ways they can truly be supportive of mothers, and give them clear tools they can use to attract and retain talent.”

Empathy and flexibility are two key things that will go a long way to support mothers in the advertising industry. We are at the beginning stages of this initiative but looking forward to the impact we can make.”

Follow the Raising Two Fifths journey here.

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