Meet the Mashers: Marta & Tom

Marta and Tom. Over 53 years of combined experience, and a whos’ who of creative powerhouses on their resumes (we’re talking everyone from Saatchi & Saatchi to Ogilvy, BBDO to DiMassimo Goldstein). Add to that a line-up of heavyweight brands- FedEx, Ebay and Kraft (Tom), Reebok, Jaguar and Absolut (Marta), and a series of awards (including an Emmy nomination for Tom). Call us star spangled but we’re bloody impressed by our newest USA MASHers.

Gender equality, the power of play and ‘Trump hole covers’- it’s real talk, and real impact from this proven creative duo. Do we have your attention?

Marta, you say the best creative results come from ‘good vibes’, how did you and Tom discover that you had the perfect blend of positive energy? 

If there is one thing that’s always present in all the projects Tom and I have done together, it is laughter. And openness. We feel safe to say the silliest most awful thing that first comes to mind. Sometimes it leads to something brilliant. But it always makes us laugh. We just love the process.

2 million views in the first week…consider us seriously impressed. Tell us about the campaign you worked on together for Shutterstock?

We always try to find the thing that makes the brand special. When it comes to stock photo sites, that’s a tall order. People think the word “stock” means “generic”. But STOCK is in the SHUTTERSTOCK name! So we found only the most striking images on the site, curated them and hung them all on a wall. It didn’t look like stock. It looked like art. The line wrote itself: “It’s Not Stock. It’s Shutterstock.” Then our strategy became to simply demonstrate that Shutterstock could challenge the creative community’s bias against “stock” and be a creative partner with every brand action. One of those actions was the award-winning viral sensation “Fyrestock”, a parody of the two documentaries that were then running on Hulu and Netflix about the infamous Fyre Festival. That certainly got peoples’ attention. And it won a D&AD pencil, which we’re very proud of.

The ‘choose women’ campaign created with zero budget, so good. With three women making up the executive team at MASH, we’re inspired by your heavyweight creative strategist credentials in a male dominated space Marta. How has that journey been for you? 

At the beginning, arduous and lonely, but staying true to my natural optimism and resilience I made sure the sexism, unfairness and blatant favoritism didn’t dim my passion. Because it all starts with passion. Ask your mother. And thank God good ideas don’t have a gender or an accent. They speak for themselves.

You’re a wizard Tom! An advertising wizard that is, so your ‘AdHouse of Cards’ website says. Tell us more about this epic project and how we can support? 

I took over Adhouse Advertising School with Paul Fix in 2019. Our mission is to make the advertising industry something every kid knows about because right now only the most privileged seem to know this industry exists. A strategist friend showed me some research on award-winning ad formulas. This inspired a deck of cards to help our students come up with more ideas faster. But it works for non-students too. I know from first-hand experience. It is currently on Kickstarter and we need backers. (infomercial voice): Get your Adhouse Of Cards now!

Marta, Trump Hole Covers. We’re just going to leave that there. We’ll let you elaborate! 

After 20 years in the US I decided to commit and become an American citizen. As with almost everything I do in life, I don’t take my convictions lightly. Once it became apparent that Donald Trump could win the White House, I decided to use my creativity, crazy sense of humor and enlist some prudish canine friends to defeat The Donald. We didn’t stop Trump, but at least we were able to raise funds for democrats with the sales of the Trump Hole Covers on Amazon. Maybe it’s time for an encore.

If you want to go far, go together as they say. What’s coming in the future for your combined creative force?

From Humor to Epic story, we just love solving problems with creativity. We are lucky that due to Covid-19 our experience is in high demand and we can work literally anywhere. We’re looking for new opportunities with brands and agencies that we can vibe with. If you have a project that needs a great team, we are ready to talk.

Marta & Tom
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