Meet the MASHer: Rich

Multi-disciplinary creative. Entrepreneur. Chinese boy band star. 

Rich has had many monikers over the years, and the latest is MASHer. So we threw some quick-fire questions at him to gain some insight into the drive, skill and straight-up ‘f*cking go for it’ attitude that has seen him found 3 award-winning F&B businesses in Beijing, become the Creative and Concept director for VOK DAMS China, and work a huge roll-call of international brands ranging from Fender to Bentley…. (and breathe).

From Melbourne roots, to 15 years in China to now speaking to us from a white beach in Thailand 

What Rich did next? We’ll be watching…

What makes an Aussie want to live in China for 15 years?

It wasn’t much of a planned thing, but since my family is Chinese I was interested in learning more about it. So when I had the opportunity to join a Chinese Boy Band I jumped at the chance. As for 15 years – that definitely wasn’t planned! But I got caught right at the start of the China Wave, the big push to grow and expand on every front – economically, socially, culturally – and every time I thought it was time to leave another opportunity would open up. There’s a crazy faith in the future that’s not really that prevalent anywhere else right now. It’s a unique place and anyone who lived through it has that shared experience. I’ve seen massive bridges thrown up overnight, subway lines and airports thrown down, the entire city change over a summer, a whole new rise in urban culture and art, a total takeover of mobile banking and digital payment, and e-commerce? Well, if you like Amazon, Taoban and JD would blow your mind.

Excuse me?? A Chinese Boy Band??

Ha! Yeah, apparently we missed the K-Pop revolution. On-trend, but off by about 15 years.

3 things you are looking forward to in Thailand

1. I’m just excited to see what happens here. Everyone looks at Thailand through the lens of tourism. This past year, being able to see Thailand for what it really is, Thailand is ready to pop. It’s so modern and so trendy, the urban culture is super vibrant. I can’t wait to see what happens here next.

2. The food, duh.

3. Lastly, I’m excited to catch this next big wave of distributed, digital, crazy creative online revolution that’s happening right now… from this very nice white beach I’m currently sitting on.

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