Za Za Zu

Market Research
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Brand Guidelines
Channel Assessment
Channel & Content Testing Plan



Creative Director

SexTech? A traditionally taboo subject in Asia yet a global industry set to be worth 30 billion dollars. Za Za Zu? A new sexual wellness brand in South East Asia that exists to be a champion for women.

We knew we had the perfect MASH Up to provide Za Za Zu with a brand foundation and tools to effectively launch their brand to market.

Brand Strategy, Digital Channel & Messaging Plan

Through research, surveying and a workshop with key stakeholders, Siona clearly defined the core aspects of the brand including it’s position, values and brand purpose – to be a champion for women, guiding them on a revitalised path of sexual discovery.

She then went on to define the type of woman Za Za Zu can talk to, identifying how to connect with these women and a framework to map the conversation they would have via a detailed Digital Channel & Messaging Plan.

Creative Direction

Lizzie developed a new multi-faceted visual identity and creative direction that strikes a balance between sexuality and sensuality, hero-ing the fingerprint (as unique as every woman).

This was built out to a Brand Guidelines and assets to give Za Za Zu the tools to launch their brand effectively and with impact.

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