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When renowned DJ and Masterchef Australia alumni Khanh Ong partnered with one of Melbourne’s premier nightlife destinations, a new chapter had to be written.

The Approach

With Khanh on board and a fresh, new Vietnamese menu soon to launch, MASH was engaged to curate a team that would build a brand identity incorporating Khanh’s charisma, creativity and charm via a newly designed brand and creative direction.

Leveraging the brand’s original architecture, the concept “Party at Ours” was established. The new positioning brought to life the idea that there is always a party happening at The George on Collins, with the same authenticity, welcoming vibe and comfort that you’d find at a house party.

80% increase in Instagram engagement over the first 2 months

Creative Direction

As the ‘Party at Ours’ concept envisages The George as a home away from home, there are several distinct spaces (like rooms in a house – or a game of Cluedo!).

Working with the building’s architecture, Dan led our creative direction and focused on pulling shapes from various parts to represent each of the different event rooms within the venue.

Using the shapes as a basis, he created a family of brands for the individual rooms, all of which share the same minimal colour palette and type treatment.

Art Direction

Dinner should be a decadent experience so the photography feels premium, luxurious and thoughtfully organised – all shot in the venue to capture its unique and textural interiors. The photography is combined with a distinct colour palette across collateral such as posters and menus.

Digital & Social Media Strategy

Our digital strategy aimed to create a visually exciting experience that would effectively translate The George on Collins’ brand persona and showcase it’s partnership with Khanh Ong across a full new website and social media strategy. As part of the website build, a search engine optimisation campaign was put in place to drive engagement online.

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