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When the reigns are passed down to a new generation, how do tell the story of a 90 year old business from a fresh perspective?

Our MASH Up stepped in at the perfect time to re-introduce the brand to market, and explain who (and what) Simon George and Sons – a prominent Australian fruit and veg wholesaler – had grown to become. MASH has been supporting SGS to refresh and consolidate their brand identity including:

– Brand Story and Written Communications Toolkit
– Creative Brand Refresh and Visual Guidelines
– Social Media Strategy and Management
– Nationwide Content Shoot across three states
– PR Launch Strategy
– Website Design refresh

Communications Toolkit

After a successful workshop with key stakeholders, a new brand positioning of ‘Built on Family Values’ was established. From here a new Brand Story, Brand Values and Tone of Voice was developed that would be carried throughout all internal and external marketing communications.

Refreshed Style Guide + Visual Toolkit

Without changing the logo (except for minor tweaks), a new creative direction was developed. As part of this a Visual Toolkit was created as a guide to rolling out the new look and feel to the various marketing touchpoints. Overall the new creative direction focused on one fruit or vegetable variety in order to minimise the colour palette, and in turn give the brand a more premium aesthetic. While individual executions were stripped back, when looking at multiple communications, the brand becomes very vibrant.


An image library of close up fruit and vegetable photography was captured to use across
various brand touch-points. A joyful, colourful, vibrant and sometimes slightly blemished creative direction was taken.

200% increase in Instagram engagement,
55% increase in Reach
3000% increase in Website Clicks
after the first month of the new
Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Our MASH Up developed a new Social Media Strategy which outlined channel recommendations, goal definition and a shift to more content featuring ‘real’ faces and produce ‘in the ground, on the vine’. This was coupled with the new Creative Direction and resulted in an increase in Engagement, Reach and Interactions across the board.


Nationwide Content Shoot

Off the back of the Social Media Strategy, our MASH Up produced and art directed a video and photography shoot across three states which continued the brand narrative of ‘Welcome to the Family’ and involved multiple clients and partners of SG&S. The result was a catalogue of beautiful assets that reflected the breadth of the SGS brand ‘family’ – from growers and farmers to restaurant and hotel clients – whilst also showcasing the different locations across Australia that SGS operates in.


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