The World is on Netflix

The opportunity: 
A global brand. An accelerated Olympic deadline. Access to 13 major markets.

The solution: 
Curate and lead a bespoke 
‘International Writers Room’.

Netflix called on MASH to help explore and develop a global TVC campaign highlighting the power of global and local storytelling on Netflix. They needed a flexible, authentic, and truly global creative team to reach 13 target markets – and fast.

Our solution: curate and lead a talented and diverse team of established professionals from all over the world.

The agile and globe-spanning nature of the brief provided a trial that MASH was uniquely suited to overcome.

4 weeks. 31 MASHers. 15 countries. 
6 continents. 10 languages.

Netflix had one key point of contact at MASH, 
who acted as an extension of their in-house team.

A core “RED Team” was split across 
US, Asia and Australia for round-the-clock delivery.

 15 writers from 13 regions were sourced, vetted and onboarded 
in 72 hours.

A pivot in brief led to adding 
11 comedy writing specialists 
in under 48 hours.

Individual contracts 
were negotiated and managed by MASH, as well a payments in multiple currencies, for the entire team of 32.

Netflix has 
one contract only 
to deal with.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 10.07.26 am

“MASH is my creative processing power.”

Genie Gurnani, Director, Global Brand Creative, Netflix

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