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How do you build a brand around one of South Yarra’s most loved personalities?

From a series of workshops, one of the most powerful messages we uncovered about Ned’s food is the way it transports people to different times and places. The flavours, textures and aromas of food is inextricably intertwined with experiences we’ve had: from Saturday morning trips to the local patisserie with Dad to late night coffees with friends.

Like hearing an old song, biting into a piece of Ned’s sourdough might take one person back to a favourite cafe in Paris, so the question we posed was: “Where does Ned’s take you”?

Brand Strategy & Art Direction

A brand position of “savouring the moment” was chosen, as Ned’s passion is not the food experience alone – it’s the relationships that define that experience. Having real interactions that enrich people’s lives (including our own!) is what Ned’s is truly about. This manifested in a sophisticated art direction that reflected the beautiful premium architecture and interior of the venue.

Visual Identity

The logotype would emulate Ned’s handwriting, giving the brand some warmth and humanity. Reflecting Ned’s own timeless style, a monochrome palette with a POP of bright colour was used.

Packaging Design

Building from “Where does Ned’s take you?” to the fact that a number of Ned’s breads were named after European cities, we built out the brand through a series of personal stories from senior team members. Aiming to create a sense of inclusiveness, this enabled greater interaction and engagement across the team during the brand building process.  

All packaging would use contrasting colours, and to bring the stories and brand to life these would be accompanied by simple illustrations.

Digital & Social Media Strategy

To experience Ned’s is to evoke memories, moments and stories. Ned’s new stream of sales and events collateral, as well as the brands digital presence is a manifestation of Ned himself – his art, his travels, his friends, his joys, his home and his food – all of which he loves to share. To produce an effective feed, we needed to find the right balance of all of these traits and present them in a meaningful, engaging and beautiful way.

We developed a fully responsive website and a two month social media strategy to launch the brand.

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