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How do you humanise an online market-leading business?

The Credit Card Compare (CCC) brand is all about connecting people with cards that will make their lives better. Since they are not owned by a bank, lender or company, they connect customers with a range of products without being driven by a self-serving agenda.

In this truly collaborative relationship, MASH acted as an extension of Credit Card Compare’s marketing team in leading a strategic rebrand, as well as the ongoing social media strategy and content development.

This partnership resulted in curating a MASH-Up team of specialists to collectively reinvigorate CCC’s brand that, until now, hadn’t been leveraged to its full potential.

Although CCC’s website was it’s primary real estate, research showed that few customers remembered the brand; there was minimal communication about the brand’s value proposition or it’s overall size and scale. The brand lacked personality and distinctness in its visuals and language.

CCC was a market leader – the challenge now was to act like one from a marketing perspective.

Brand Strategy & Art Direction

Through a series of workshops and secondary research, a brand position as “The People’s Champion” was established. The goal was to be remembered as an advocate for smart use credit cards and to inspire confidence that every person deserves a better credit card deal.

As an online brand, one of CCC’s greatest assets is their brand mascot, Miles. It’s this little character who embodies the commitment to helping people, and who would talk to customers through a newly defined ‘Tone of Voice’.

Bringing his personality to life, a newly defined art direction complete with a refreshed colour palette, illustration design, photographic direction and font was developed.

Social Media Strategy

MASH developed a social media launch strategy to increase awareness of the CCC brand and drive engagement in their credit score tool. The primary goal was to give people a better understanding of the power that comes from knowing your credit score. The secondary goal was to give the Miles character a voice and brand behaviours that would build an overall tone for the CCC brand.

Assets including photography, illustration and animation were developed to bring this strategy to life.

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