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Breitling is seen as an action brand associated with fighter planes. First manufactured in 1941, not once has it been advertised to women in Asia. Until now.

Using Breitling’s global brand campaign as a creative springboard, our MASH-Up developed a time-stopping launch moment to make people in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore sit-up and take notice of the new Chronomat women’s range.

Strategy and Research

The strategy uncovered the insight that of all the luxury women’s watches sold in Asia, most are purchased as gifts by men. This led to the question – if Breitling was the choice for the type of woman who buys for herself, how would you resonate?

 Qualitative research and testing of the idea within the target market confirmed it would be well received.

Creative Direction, Art Direction and Production

This led to the campaign idea: ‘Chosen, Not Given’.

Meaning, if you see a woman wearing a Breitling Chronomat you’ll know she bought it herself. She’s part of a community of strong women writing their own futures.

Building on the idea of the Breitling woman choosing a watch usually bought by men, the art direction saw her choose a world usually reserved for men, without sacrificing her femininity. She became a femme Motorhead, driving something recklessly impractical for Asia’s typical traffic and an iconic symbol of toughness: a motorbike.

The perfect chrome bike was sourced for a Malaysia-based photo shoot to capture a suite of assets.

“The MASH team has beautifully captured the essence of what the Chronomat women’s collection is all about. The ‘Chosen, Not Given’ insight coupled with these three outstanding and empowered women, provide for a truly compelling creative work. We couldn’t be happier.”

Alvin Soon, President, Breitling Asia

Briefing the Squad

A brief was developed to guide a group of hand-picked women of ambition and know-how in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand who would rep the cause. The regional campaign included supermodel and social activist Cindy Bishop from Thailand, singer and entrepreneur Isabella Wong, also known as Bella Kuan, from Malaysia and wakesurfer and business owner Cassandra Tan from Singapore.


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