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How do you creatively unify different experiences within one brand?

After a workshop with key stakeholders it was decided that the key common thread between all of the brands – present and future – was the heritage-listed building in which they resided.

A Brand Blueprint was established, which set out the new Brand Positioning, Brand Pillars and Brand Values. From here, an identity and suite of brand collateral was developed.

Creative Direction

The rich textures of the building providing the backbone for the new branding.

340% increase in Instagram engagement for Beta and 560% increase for Alpha after the first month.

Social Media Strategy

Our MASH Up developed a Social Media Strategy for both Alpha Restaurant and Beta Events, which saw a shift in content weighting and a new design direction for Beta.

After the first month of roll out, analytics showed a dramatic increase in Followers, Engagement and Reach across both Instagram and Facebook – Alpha Instagram engagement rose by 562% and Beta by 340%. Follower numbers jumped up by 156 for Alpha and 218 for Beta. Facebook activity also increased across the board, in particular Beta’s post Reach grew by 800%.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 1.19.35 pm

Art Direction + Website Development

As part of the Brand Refresh, a new fully responsive website was designed and developed featuring parallax scrolling and custom embellishments. A new suite of imagery highlighting the venue’s beautiful details was captured to bring the brand’s luxe feel to life.


Events Pack Design

Wine Label Design

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