Arcade Room

Meet Kolo.
Meet Kolo. MARCH 2023 Taiwan-based Kolo creates evocative imagery that captures her everyday on film. She’s also a Copywriter and Creative Director who’s worked with the big guns including...
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Netflix LNY.
Netflix LNY. FEBRUARY 2023 Lunar New Year is more than just a holiday, it’s a celebration deeply rooted in the history and culture of Asian communities around the world. And when Netflix came to Mash with...
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Meet Rocky.
Meet Rocky. JANUARY 2023 Hong Kong’s creative industry has always been bustling with some of the most innovative and talented individuals. Among them, you’ll find Rocky – a new Masher...
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Behind the Scenes at Banyan Tree.
Behind The Scenes at Banyan Tree. DECEMBER 2022 It really is all about the team – and this team was magical. Here’s some BTS of the recent Banyan Tree Hotels campaign shoot at their beautiful Banyan...
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