With the future of work evolving, we believe the traditional agency model will continue to give way to the rise of agile structures.

Our Promise

As a team of agency outsiders, we practice what we preach. We have outgrown our corporate roots and outdated hierarchies and are eager to dedicate our years of experience, specialised skills and unique backgrounds to people, brands and projects we truly believe in.

We’re not for the faint of heart, 
but those brave enough to forge their own path, driven by action.

With expertise spanning start-ups, corporate institutions and continents; we’re determined to drive results by building a transparent balance between commercials and creativity. The way we work is changing, so we need to as well. 
Here are our promises to you…

To our Independent Mashers:

  • No bidding to win projects
  • Transparency of costs
  • Clear and consistent timelines for all projects
  • Scope of work quality
  • Maintaining flexibility and control of the projects you take
  • Belonging to a global network and community
  • Frictionless payment and consistent business support

To our Clients and Partners:

  • Working as an extension of your team
  • Fee Transparency
  • Access to an expansive global catalogue of professional independent freelance talent
  • Curation of bespoke teams, plugged in as required
  • Time and talent management
  • Creative briefs
  • Trusted brand for customer service
  • Quality control

Clients supported by our MASHups

We have built our reputation on bringing non-traditional thinking to traditional organisations. 
Transparency and collaboration are fundamental to the MASH model, empowering clients with specialist 
expertise and guidance throughout every stage of the process – from strategy to implementation.The result: the curation of over 40 bespoke creative teams for projects across two continents. 


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