Working with humans not hierarchies.

MASH provides a new perspective on creative partnerships by thoughtfully curating teams of independent brand thinkers and creative problem solvers. Out with weighty processes and expensive overheads, in with getting sh*t done quickly and well. Our referral-only, global community is best MASHed with…

Multinational Corporations

Matrixed organisations often bring complex channels and rigorous processes. We get it, shifting quickly to meet new demands can be tough. Our MASH-Ups plug in as an extension of your marketing department, helping you change direction swiftly and capitalise where you need it most.

Start Ups, Scale Ups and Tech-Forward Brands

There are growing pains in any business and we understand to compete, you need to continuously evolve. Agility and adaptability are key but managing expenses and resources is always the challenge! As you scale, our obsessively curated community of MASHers can empower you to flex up where you need it. 

Agencies or Global Networks

Sometimes you need access to a steady stream of ideas to expand and retain clients, or deliver the winning edge come pitch time. Our hand-picked MASHers can plug in to support across integrated disciplines or in local offices where on-ground access to talent is limited.

Meet the MASHers

Introducing our global community of the mightiest brand, digital, creative and strategic specialists.

Our MASH-Ups

Just some of the diverse challenges tackled and ideas brought to life by our MASH-Up teams.

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